Tsunami Gallery
The Creative Works of Melinda Hjelholt


Hello Melina browsing facebook and came across your site. Your art work is intriguing and your site/layout is good.even I can maneuver it.
Auntie Pam - 26 Sep 2011
I likes it!
Ellie Mulder - 31 Aug 2009
hey we are famely from denmark arsk your daddy så jeg vil skrive på dansk da mit engelsk er dårligt håber at høre fra jer Karin
karin holt - 14 Jun 2009
Hello there gorgeous! Just checking out the updated site/layout, and like it a lot! Easy to browse. Congrats :)
Jenny McClelland - 6 Sep 2008
Hi Mindy.... Your site is just beautiful and your artwork extraordinary! Love, Auntie Emily
Emily Hart - 13 Jul 2008
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